Remove the output expander right outer cover. An X model is represented in the graphic below, however, the card cage cover removal procedure is similar for all models. Remove the ten screws A securing the operator panel cover latch assembly to the operator panel cover assembly. Sensor pass through late jam service check Use this procedure for the following jams: Replace the assembly for proper operation. Each of the tests displays the individual sensors that can be manually actuated, and the display shows Open or Closed. Release the hooks A securing the sensor media level to the assembly.

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Select Your Dell Printer Series.

Detach the rear 5230 guide spring C. Detach the spring B from the operator panel dell 5230n laser printer assembly, right. When replacing the LVPS card assembly, ensure that all dell 5230n laser printer are replaced.

To prevent damage to ESD-sensitive parts, follow the instructions below in addition to all the usual precautions, such as turning off power before removing logic boards: Leave the screws loose enough to allow the printhead to move from side to side within the slots. Remove the sheet frame assembly. Select Standard Bin from Sensor Tests.


Replace the the appropriate media tray. Pick arm assembly removal 1. Ensure the belt is replaced properly. Reconnect all printer cables.

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We now provide Authorized Printer Service though out the country. The type 2 fuser unit assembly has a del of K. Side cover, left removal dn, dn, and T 1. Press the two tabs A on the fuser access door assembly, and detach it primter the machine.

Duplex drive motor assembly The duplex drive motor assembly transmits driving force to the two duplex media dell 5230n laser printer roll assemblies and the duplex media center transport roll assembly middle that feeds media.

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Transfer roll assembly removal 1. Media transport path The following is a cross section of the printer and the tandem tray module, showing the main components directly associated with the media path and transport.

Remove the two screws holding the alignment assembly to the left side frame. Page 31 – Paper types and weights supported peinter the Touch Back to return to the Diagnostics Menu. The default is Enable. Remove dell 5230n laser printer left cover. This image is called a latent image. The adjuster screw C requires a hex wrench to loosen and tighten. To run the Finisher Sensor Test: The tabs may be difficult to access. Polygon printhead assembly The printhead scans the photo conductor drum surface with a laser beam.

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Check all connections on Driver over temp the main drive motor detection. Do not tighten yet. Remove all media present late jam sensor duplex exit within the in media path. Remove all media present caused high mechanical load in media path. Dell 5230n laser printer expander left outer cover removal 1.

The sensor light is transmitted. Dell Laser Printers Toner: Remove the media tray. Page – Lasdr input sensor assembly removal Check for obstructions in media path. Is the media properly picked and advanced out of the dell 5230n laser printer media tray? Clear the jam from the stapler output bin. Remove the side cover, right.

Remove the sensor shield assembly. Enter the diagnostic mode. The test writes patterns of data to DRAM to verify that each bit in memory can be set and read correctly. The following is an example of the events that occur during the POR sequence: To print the event log: Page – High capacity stacker right dell 5230n laser printer remova You must use either a printer stand or printer base if you are using a sheet tray, a duplex unit, and an input option, or more dell 5230n laser printer one input option.

Turn the main power off. When installing the left frame, make sure the media output bin assembly is aligned properly.

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Remove the MPF cam gear. Remove debris Is the media path free of contamination or debris. Is the above component free from damage?