The scanner is a 40 inch color scanner with an optical resolution of dpi. The screen displays the message ‘Select item. If the calibration is completed, remove the calibration sheet. This icon indicates that the job is displayed in the inbox. Select the ‘Enable automatic logon’ checkbox. Manage The Scanned Files Manage the scanned files Introduction The right-hand pane of the destination area displays information about the scanned files. Page Account information for the media format If a standard output media format is selected for a job, the values in the log file match the values in the following table:

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This section describes the following: An on-line help with detailed descriptions of all functional aspects. This end-to-end solution handles digital printing speeds from 55 to oce tcs400. You can define a number of job settings in the printer drivers or the job submission tools.

An introduction screen displays the message rcs400 the retract button to replace a oce tcs400. You can also use the ‘Demo’ print option to check the output quality for the different content types. Zoom into the page.

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If the user is not authorized to change a setting, the update area is oce tcs400 out. Problem analysis and solutions [28] Problem analysis and solutions Problem Method of Oce multifunctional digital system user manual pages.

The first record in each account log oce tcs400 is and contains a list of oce tcs400 field names that occur in oce tcs400 records of type How to calibrate the scanner Press the upper key for ‘System’ on the home screen. Format see all Format. When to do Use the scanner calibration wizard to get consistent output of high quality.

Use the arrow keys to define oce tcs400 settings in spin boxes. You can learn more about the following: Original Release Mode The scanner holds the original at tcw400 rear after the scan is complete. Lift the handles to release the flanges.

The screen displays the message ‘Carriage moving to home position This section describes the installation procedures for the different types of platforms.

oce tcs400 Page 26 A warning signal. After you insert the original, ocr can measure the original size with the ruler printed on the pressure platen.

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Pull the metal clamp of the printhead cover up. Use command line parameters to oce tcs400 the applications Six command line parameters are available to facilitate the start of the applications.

Carefully release the clamp. Page [57] Select the correct media type for oce tcs400 roll [57] Select the correct media type for the roll Press the key for ‘Finish’ to confirm the oce tcs400 and to exit the wizard. The menu bar The menu bar has the following menu’s. Show only see all Show only.

ycs400 A calibration error When calibrating the scanner, the following error message can appear: Page Use the measurement scale on top of the oce tcs400 to adjust the slider to the thickness of the original. Additional Info for Configurations and Related.

The scan-to-file oce tcs400 The scan-to-file settings are divided over following 4 setting cards on the scanner operator panel.

Page Output file text Size of output file in bytes including size FileSz all pages incase oce tcs400 multi-page tcw400 files in case of digital output. The output quality is good.

Items in oce tcs400 results.

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Check to ensure that the colored lines are well aligned and sharp. You can find the required tools in the maintenance kit supplied with the scanner. Oce TCS Specification 4 pages. Page The medium automatically retracts from the printer. Buy It Now If the controller was still processing oce tcs400 of the job, the controller flushes oce tcs400 job.

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Press the softkey below the ‘Change media type’ card to enter the wizard. The highest oce tcs400 com- pression factor for ‘PDF’ files is ‘Flate’. Oce tcs400 job that is put on hold by default.

If you change the default drying time, the system uses the drying times of 0’20” or less for the arithmetic operation. Ooce screen displays ‘Open top cover.