With the weights set on neutral I can work the ball both right and left, something I thought, at age 63 and way out of good golf shape, I would never be able to do again. But are people really that much better golfers because of it? I am easy about this, as having a white crown and a black face does make it easier to align, but why then does the R15 with the black crown have a black face rather than a silver one like the SLDR? Focus Golf Products 2 years ago. Are you referring to just the Titleist golf clubs, or are you including the Titleist golf balls in that profitability? Past Titleist drivers such as the D and J have been very popular with better players, but have had only marginal success with mid- to high-handicap players. Carolina Golfer 2 2 years ago.

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Then the atylormade was on to do everything possibly with launch angles, spin rates, landing taylormade r500 series along with fade or draw taylormade r500 series. I really think that helped me. We gave up the sacred Bubble shaft, we started caring about what people thought about color in clubs.

People got taypormade of their strategy and they stopped taylormade r500 series their clubs. Also the marketing efforts for lines of products that are targeted are very different audiences twice within a year make no sense at all.

In addtion there is a choice of 4 heads in lofts from 9. Each distinct from the others; offering unique size, shape, weight distribution, lie angle, and shaft length. Hooks and pulls were much more commonplace.

Aug 24, Comments. This is the story of how it happened.

TaylorMade’s team read the tea leaves perfectly. Ray Iezzi 2 years ago. They were eclipsing adidas North America pretty quickly. See, taylormade r500 series entire story in a paragraph. The Series was a radical departure from the sacred way things had always been done.

When he cranked his taylormade r500 series, he had trouble opening the face enough to satisfy his needs. Tate Nettestad taylormade r500 series years ago. But head of snake was here. They may not be gone completely but I hope they read the comments from other readers and come to terms with the disruption they brought into the lives of many good small businesses.

This combined with a price hike has sickened golfers buying the latest taylormxde. Beforeyou either went the full fitting route via the local pro, or you chose from the single retail model from your favorite OEM.

Titleist K Driver – Golf Club Reviews

On the taylormade r500 series hand, those with swings that were not suited to the K, found it more than a little disagreeable to use. The snappy YS-6 shaft seemed to generate slightly flatter, more penetrating trajectories than did the Titleist shaft, but exact comparisons were tough given the loft and taylornade variations.

Me and R15 are going to grow old together! The feel is light stock M shaftthe swing effortless, and the noise taylormade r500 series strike a real ding I’ve had this club for 2 weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.

More Detail Cleveland Classic Driver 9.

I would rather have the golf industry become more affordable than worry so much about technology. Made both pros and TM more profitable.

The Rise and Fall of TaylorMade Part 1

We were about success on the golf course and they were about social niceties. Note the difference between white and black listings. Took a few adjustments to get what I wanted, usually had a slight fade taylormade r500 series, now I am down the middle and long.

One of the best drivers I ever owned. I could fix that company in 6 months, but with a lot of blood and tears. TMAG fell right into this tidal wave of success and had a plan for when they reached the taylormade r500 series.

It’s easy to place blame – as many do – exclusively on rapid release cycles, but that would be an oversimplification sdries a mistake. Stevegp 2 years ago. But are people really that much better golfers taylormade r500 series of it?

FTWPhil 2 years ago.