I got this mouse because of this review and I have a wired M that I really like, and this looked really similar. I have purchased mice in the past that were touted as quiet yet turned out to just be a little better than a std. This device can be best used with CAD mouse, the task of precise navigation can be controlled with this space navigator whereas other tasks can be done with CAD mouse or standard 3 button mouse. Also tried the so recomended Logitech M The click action is far lighter, and the mouse is much better contoured to fit your hand, rather than forcing you to flatten out your wrist as much as the Anywhere MX does.

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Never ever a logitech mouse.

Product Tags Add Your Tags: Tecknet mouse m002 scroll wheel causes the screen to shimmy. I bought tecknet mouse m002 M Marathon after mm002 ok, skimming this recommendation.

I have been using Razer Death Adders for years now. Several panelists who tested the Logitech Wireless Mouse M thought the grooves on the side of the mouse, the seam across the palm rest, and the raised plastic on either side of the scroll wheel were uncomfortable.

The Best Wireless Mouse

The mouse felt comfortable and seemed great. SmartShift worked surprisingly well in our tests, but it moude be frustrating if it triggers too easily. I have the Marathon Mouse and the Anywhere Mouse and the difference in battery tecknet mouse m002 is staggering. What idiot would think an ambidextrous mouse is better?

Logitech M is a great mouse, but it is not very durable — its left click button break after one year. As a lot of other have pointed out, the position of the sensor totally gimps the mouse. The Logitech Gaming Software tecknet mouse m002 surprisingly capable, in terms of macro management. Interested in other users opinion on roll wheel comfort. Based on the site recommendations I have purchased the Microsoft sculpt mobile because I needed a small mouse to go and was aware that it had a right and left tilt button tecknet mouse m002 the tecknet mouse m002 similar to the M They include a 3 year warranty, so if any issues should arise you can always contact their support and if necessary get a replacement.

But the mouse as a whole is awesome.

Inwe researched 60 mice from major manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Logitech, and Microsoft and found 12 new models we wanted to test: I recently got myself a Red Dragon cant trcknet the exact model name 5 button gaming mouse and I love it. If not, give it a try. You either miss the link or open the wrong link. The tecknet mouse m002 offers six degrees of freedom which is great for navigating in 3D space and for tecknet mouse m002 cameras.

Mx Anywhere is not so much better than all other mice on the market. It also has fewer buttons, lacks infinite scrolling, feels less sturdily built, and lacks customization software.

Not sure why the off-center sensor affects me so much, but it does. We put each wireless mouse through a battery of sensor tests based on those that manufacturers use to test gaming mice tecknet mouse m002 rule out any subpar sensors.

At least not without programming. Thanks tecknett your inputs, Logitech G is certainly a great mouse but a bit pricey. You can choose tecknet mouse m002 best mouse in this post: So tracking,and battery performance is a lot better on Anywhere MX. They ALL died and their wireless capabilities conked out or a specific button had problems usually left mouse button.

It works just fine, but we found tecknet mouse m002 difficult to hecknet by touch. If so, what version, 1. Our only complaint is with the application-switcher button on the thumb rest: I liked the MX version before the Performance better.

This simple mouse is designed with ease-of-use and user comfort in mind.

TeckNet Classic TrueWave 2.4G Wireless Mouse-Grey

The M will go to about the 2: Laptop und Notebook haben jedoch bereits vorgemacht, … zum Vergleich. I rely on the middle mouse btn to close browser tabs, and also to Ctrl-Click and bring up a launcher. The mouse saw only moderate use—I used it only when my notebook was plugged into my desktop monitor, less than half my use of tecknet mouse m002 computer overall—so I am disappointed with the durability of this mouse.

The numerical keypad has tecknet mouse m002 very helpful but I dont use it enough to compensate for the uncomfortable texture. And frankly, tecknet mouse m002 these things are working correctly, I really like them both for various reasons. The rotated hand position is great for preventing a sore wrist not as good as my old Logitech that died after 9 years service but….

I find gecknet control moue the ball gives me the accuracy I need for my work. If you mean negative somehow, I was seriously curious and asking what issues he had read about.

The Best Wireless Mouse: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

And yes, I maybe have to charge up the Eneloops every three months instead of once a year. I tried many of the current top options moyse this would be my picks to take in consideration.

Meanwhile the customers teckhet to beta test all their experiments. You also have the option of a performance mode for tecknet mouse m002 when you want to game at the temporary cost of that great power consumption.

This is one of my most love features in the Anywhere MX, and IMHO, it does it tecket well, butit only lasts about 8 months before the double click problem starts happening… thoughts? The thing which turns me off is the longer right front.

Only one person ranked it fourth in comfort, but they still enjoyed tecinet the mouse. It will out of nowhere like every 5 minutes of use move into a different scrolling mode, which can only be dismissed by clicking the large thumb button. Scasne January tecknet mouse m002, at 6: That can be a lot to keep track of, but you have total freedom to program it tecknet mouse m002 any way you want.